Swedish Massage.

Swedish Massage.

Swedish massage is a gentle style of massage focussing on promoting general relaxation and wellbeing. This deeply relaxing treatment incorporates both soft and deep movements designed to relieve specific stresses and muscle tension. Each treatment can be tailored to suit the clients individuals needs.

This massage is also used for oxygenating the blood and eliminating toxins such as lactic acid. It improves circulation and flexible function by relieving the tension caused during muscular spasm.

A Swedish massage is designed to leave you feeling revitalised and ready for whatever lies ahead.

The Swedish Full body massage consists of massaging the back, legs, arms, hands and chest. Whilst The Swedish back massage concentrates only on the back.

Swedish Massage Prices.

  • Swedish full body massage ( 60 minutes) £70
  • Swedish Back Massage (30 minutes) £45

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Swedish Massage depending on the massage you book lasts from 30-60 minutes. 

We recommend you book a swedish massage once a month.